Country In My Soul

"Here's To The Good Times"

Country In My Soul
Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Jennifer Zuffinetti


Yeah, I like a little Captain in my coke
You know I like a little good time in my smoke
With a pair of tan legs hangin' off the tailgate underneath the bridge down Harrison Road
I like fried chicken right off the bone
I like my peaches home grown
Pickin' on a six string, listenin' to the choir sing, with a little Garth on the radio
A little bit of Florida
A little bit of Georgia
And a whole lot of country in my soul

You see my roots are buried deep down in the south
And these boots don't get muddy from sittin' around
Out here in the holler, we work hard for a dollar
From sun up to sun down

Well I ain't been handed a thing from the man
And all that I own I got with my own hands
I work hard and play hard so don't be alarmed
That's just who I am


Yeah, my way of life is from Jesus to Jones
I've got fire in my blood and desire in my bones
I am who I am and I don't give a damn
'Cause that's just how I roll


In my soul, in my soul, yeah
In my soul, yeah

A little bit of Florida,
A little bit of Georgia,
And a whole lot of country in my soul