"Anything Goes"

Dallas Davidson, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley

Ugh, c'mon

Got on my smell good
Got a bottle of feel good
Shined up my wheels good
You're lookin' real good
Took a stack of cash out
I'm 'bout to blast out
'Til I run the gas out
I'm goin' all out
All I wanna see is you have a good time
No I don't care if it takes me all night

I'll give anything to see you look that way
Give me that little aw yeah
On your pretty face
All I'm waitin' for
Is for you to just lay your pretty head
On my shoulder for a while
And find your jam on my radio dial
Girl all I want is just to see you smile
That pretty little smile

I'll take you out there
In the middle of nowhere
Let down your blonde hair
Breathe in that midnight air
Girl we can take a trip
To the river and take a sip
Hit a little backflip
And kiss kiss kiss your lips


Girl I just wanna make you dance
Give you the best night you ever had
Oh and girl I want it bad, bad, bad oh


That pretty little smile
Yeah, yeah
You lookin' good girl
Yeah give me that smile girl