"Dig Your Roots"

While He's Still Around

While he's still around
I'm gonna take him out to fish
So we can catch up on them stories
That we ain't got to yet

And while he's still around
I'm gonna make a couple notes
About how he's loved my mama
Since all those years ago

'Cause you never know when the phone is gonna ring sayin' heaven had it out so made you wings
And all those things that you were gonna do
Are just teardrops rainin' on a church pew
So I'm gonna try to say it before I gotta pray it
Hopin' that he's looking down
And tell him that I love him
While he's still around

While he's still around 
We're gonna fix up that old car
So one day when it's all mine
He'll be there every time it starts

And while he's still around
Yeah I wanna meet the one
Watch him try and hold them tears back
When I see him holdin' my son


I'm gonna try and catch a game with him
Take a road trip, get on out of state with him
Make every memory I can make with him
Live it up, before it's too late with him