Cross & Banner

Tyler's first tattoo was a Cross with a banner running across it on his back, right shoulder. He only revealed recently that both his brother Cameron and him have the same tattoo in memory of their father.

Live to Ride - Ride to Live

Tyler's next tattoo was spotted on the outside of his right-upper arm. The tattoo shows a skeleton biker riding a motorcycle with the words “Live to Ride” above him and “Ride to Live” below. He has explained in interviews that it represents the "beauty and shortness of life" and his passion for riding motorcycles.


Work Hard, Play Hard

Tyler had the words “Work Hard” tattooed on his inner right bicep in script, as well as the words “Play Hard” put on his left inner bicep. He claims that is his and Brian's motto for life.


Parchment & Ink with Script

It's hard to say for sure that this tattoo came next, since Tyler doesn't talk about it much. He got a tattoo on his ribs on the left side. It portrays a piece of parchment with a feather pen, and the words "Born and raised in the south, American and proud, where the lost get found" on it. These are lyrics from “You’re Country”, found on FGL’s “Anything Like Me” album.



Tyler’s next tat is on his left inner arm. It displays a compass with a tree growing out of it. Tyler mentions that to him this represents his love for travelling and the growth that he's been through over the past years.



Tyler added to his Skeleton biker by placing a colored rose and black and white hourglass just below it on his right outer arm. To make it all fit together, he also got the Nashville skyline added to the top of his arm, with red shading in the background. Tyler's dreams came true in Nashville and the rest of the tat represents his passion for life, since it can be cut short.


Father's Portrait

Tyler's tattoo was done by LA Ink's Kat Von D. He knew she was amazing at portraits, so he had her do one of his father on his right outer arm below the elbow.


By Grace Alone, I Am Saved

Tyler has the words "By Grace Alone" on one wrist and "I am saved" on the other wrist, one of his first tattoos



Tyler's newest tattoos are two swallows on this right shoulder. We're not sure of the meaning, but he got them around the time he and Hayley got engaged, so it might represent them as a couple.



This is Love

Brian's first tattoo was from the bible verse John 3:16 - "This is Love". He put it on his right wrist after moving to Nashville.


A Little Left of Livin Right

Brian's second tattoo was script of the words "A Little Left of Livin Right" which was the title of one of his favorite songs that he and Tyler wrote together.



Brian decided to keep Florida with him by having the outline of the state tattooed on his right side, underneath his arm. BK has nothing but good things to say about his home state and it's clear why he got the tattoo.




Brian's next tattoo is on his inner right bicep. It's of a boombox, which shows his love for music.


Music = Healing

Brian got the words Music=Healing tattooed on his outer right arm below the elbow. Another tattoo to show his passion for music and what it means to him.


Guitar Neck

Brian got a guitar neck tattooed on his outer left arm in August 2013. It is assumed that it represents his love for music, but when he talks about it in interviews he claims it was the "worst tattoo ever" because it took over a month to heal. Ouch!

He later got this tattooed over with a palm tree (scroll down for info on that tattoo)


Be Easy Baby

Brian has the words "be easy baby" scripted on the inside of his left arm close to the elbow. He has yet to explain this one, but we know Brian has a laid back, go with the flow attitude, which is reflected in this quote.


Chest Piece

Brian put a Native American/Tribal form of art on his right chest next. It appears to be a feather with beads and stones. Brian has associated his lifestyle and dress as having native american flare, so it is clear this is something he is interested in.


Indian Woman Head

Taking the lead from his last tattoo, Brian put the image of a Native American woman's face on his outer left arm. It is a full color piece and matches the style of his chest piece. Steve Martin from Witness Heart Tattoo in Nashville was the artist.



Brian and his wife Brittney both went to get similar tattoos. The each put arrows with feathers on their inner, left arms below the elbows. Although they don't match, they are clearly complementary. Steve Martin from Witness Heart Tattoo in Nashville was the artist.



Brian continues to go back to the same tattoo artist that did he last 3 tattoos and this time got an orange pansy placed on his arm underneath the Native American woman. Steve Martin from Witness Heart Tattoo in Nashville was the artist.



While on vacation in Hawaii in April 2014 , Brian enlisted the help of an artist on the island to tattoo a feather wrapping around his right outer arm in the same style as his previous tattoos.


Palm Tree

Brian recently decided to cover up his guitar neck tattoo, or as he calls "the worst tattoo ever." He covered it up with a palm tree design that has a colored sunset in the background. His wife Brittney has a similar tattoo.



Brian got a "jagdeer" (a cross between a jaguar and a deer) tattooed on his right forearm, on October 20, 2014. Adam The Kid from Kustom Thrills Tattoo in Nashville was the artist.



"Tribe Kelley"

Brian got the "Tribe Kelley" logo tattooed above his left elbow, on December 7, 2014. Tribe Kelley is a clothing line created by him and his wife Brittney.. Steve Martin from Witness Heart Tattoo in Nashville was the artist.