We just added pictures from FGL's perforance on the Burn It Down Tour from Albuquerque on September 19! Click on any pic below to view them in the Gallery.


FGL performed an exclusive concert for American Express card members in NYC, last night, October 8!


Florida Georgia Line Reveals Details of 2015 Headlining Tour

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are always up for a party - and now the two plan to take their party on the road with their first major headlining tour, kicking off next year.

"We're super pumped," Hubbard, 27, tells PEOPLE. "We've been planning for the last year and a half or so and honestly, in our heads, we've been planning this moment since day one. We're really getting all the details figured out, figuring out production and what we're going to do ... how many buses, how many trucks we're going to need and all the fun stuff."

Hubbard says their experience opening for the likes of Taylor Swift, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean has more than prepared them for the gig.

"It's real fun to take what we've learned over the last couple of years and just kind of put it in our own world," he says. "The things that we love that they do, we'll incorporate into our own show."

There's a lot of work to be done before the Anything Goes tour kicks off in January, and to that Hubbard says, bring it on!

"We feel like we're ready, we feel like our fans are ready, we feel like our crew is ready and we can't wait for it to get here," he says. "It's going to be awesome. It will be the biggest party of the year next year."

So what can fans expect at the party? Hubbard teases, "It's going to be be hot, it's going to be bright and it's going to be loud. That pretty much sums it up."

People Mag



This one might be our current favorite! Take a listen to a preview of "Dance For Me", a "modern production and good-time feel" off of the deluxe edition of "Anything Goes"! Remember, this album will be available at Target on October 14!

Click the image below to listen!


It's not too late
Let me take you on a midnight drive
I might sound crazy baby
Maybe somewhere under the stars
In my car, in the dark, we can park
I don't care what we do, I just wanna see you

Dance for me, dance for me
Foot on the floor for me
Dance for me, dance for me
C'mon girl get your hands in the air
Shake it down like you just don't care
We can do a little dirt road dare
That's it right there
When you dance for me, dance for me
When you dance for me, dance for me

I'm gonna sit back baby
Sip that Jack and watch you move
It won't be long before I'm swayin' right up next to you
In the lights, of the night, burning bright
From up here on my hood you look so damn good



While promoting the release of their upcoming album "Anything Goes", Brian and Tyler stopped by the Today Show in NYC to make a BIG announcement: they will be headlining their own 'Anything Goes' tour in 2015!

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The guys have been all over social media promoting their new album and replying to fans on Twitter about making the rounds to places like Germany, Australia and Canada.

They will be bringing along their friends Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard for the ride.

It looks like 'Anything Goes' in 2015! We can't wait!

Ticket info and more tour dates coming soon!

Florida Georgia Line's 2015 Anything Goes Tour
Jan. 15 - Toledo, OH @ Huntington Center
Jan. 16 - Dayton, OH @ Ervin J. Nutter Center
Jan. 17 - Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena
Jan. 22 -Biloxi, MS @ Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Jan. 23 - Lafayette, LA @ Cajundome
Jan. 24 - Little Rock, AR @ Verizon Arena
Feb. 12 - Sioux City, IA @ Tyson Center
Feb. 13 - Lincoln, NE @ Pinnacle Bank Arena
Feb. 14 - Moline, IL @ iWireless Center
Feb. 18 - Manchester, NH @ Verizon Wireless Arena
Feb. 19 - Ottawa, Canada @ Canadian Tire Centre
Feb. 20 - Kingston, Canada @ Rogers K-Rock Centre
Feb. 21 - Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
Feb. 25 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
March 21 - Orange Beach, AL @ The Wharf
April 30 - Columbia, SC @ Colonial Life Arena
May 1 - Charleston, WV @ Charleston Civic Center Coliseum
May 2 - Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium/ Giant Stadium
May 3 - Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Mohegan Sun Arena
May 7 - Providence, RI @ Dunkin Donuts Center
May 8 - Atlantic City, NJ @ Atlantic City Boardwalk


At the recent Winnipeg, MB concert, we got to meet Florida Georgia Line and give them the fanbook we were working on, with messages from their biggest fans.

Below is a video of them talking about it on stage, in front of 13,000 people. We were beyond excited to see them taking the time to make us feel special. Enjoy!

"The music becomes real, the music becomes real life. The smiles on your faces become real and the lives that are changed become real"


My Country Nation wants to send YOU and a friend to Jacksonville, Florida for a VIP concert experience with Florida Georgia Line! Enter HERE for your chance to win an all-inclusive trip to The Coors Light Anything Goes 2014 Tailgate Party on October 31st (only those in the USA).


We have all heard FGL's "That's What's Up" for SEC College Football by now, but the original, album version of the song is much different (and much better!). Click the image below to go to the E! Online site and preview the song, that will be found on the deluxe edition of "Anything Goes"!

Click the image below to listen!


When the sun comes up we party down
We got that music way up loud
All the girls hanging out of the truck singin' hey, that's what's up

Little bit of Southern on the rocks
Little bit of Skynyrd on the box
Little bit of runnin' from the cops
A pretty thing in a tank top

Flashing red lights run on through it
Find a city limit sign and lose it
"Baby you a song", so sing along to it
You know how we do

When the sun comes up we party down
We got that music way up loud
All the girls hanging out of the truck singin' hey, that's what's up
We twist that top, pass it around
You know we burn it to the ground


Florida Georgia Line have released the last Instant Grat track, "Sippin' On Fire"!

To pre-order "Anything Goes" and get this track along with "Dirt", "Sun Daze", "Anything Goes" and "Bumpin' The Night" go HERE.

Remember, Florida Georgia Line's brand new album, "Anything Goes", comes out NEXT TUESDAY (October 14)!


Girl you melt me like ice and whiskey
With those blue flame looks that you give me
Can't hide
What's inside
And it's killin' me right now to see you wanna slip off of me again

Why should we go round and round the truth
Like we been doin'
Every time we lie girl, we're losin'
So why should we spend Saturday night alone
When I can call you on the phone
Pick you up, make it up as we go along
Pull an all nighter, chasin' that desire
Sparks flyin' in our eyes like lighters (like lighters)
Get a little higher
Sippin' on fire
Sippin' on fire

You act like you don't know what you're missin'
Every time you end up back with him
'Cause it's safe
And you're scared
Of everything you're feelin' when we're burnin' the midnight down again


Every goodbye is bittersweet
So why should we fight what we both need


You melt me like ice and whiskey
With those blue flame looks that you give me
Can't hide
What's inside
And it's killin' me right now to see you wanna slip off of me (sippin' on fire)



So we (Melissa & Amanda) met the boys on October 2, and if you haven't yet, you gotta know they are the nicest, friendliest, most sincere guys out there (and their team as well - special shoutout to Tracker, Beaner and Justin!).

Once we walked up, after we were greeted by huge hugs, Brian noticed the fanbook we were holding. We told him we were from FlaGaLine.net, hoping they knew about us, and he replied "I love y'all, that's awesome, y'all are up on your shit! Thank you guys for being amazing and for doing that". They were so excited to see the fanbook and to know that YOU GUYS took the time to write your messages. When we gave them the belt buckle flasks, BK thought they were "pimp", and Tyler was so sincere in his thanks. They even put on the "FlaGaLine.net" silicon bracelets that we gave them, and BK even wore his on stage!

Once we got back to our seats, we were so thrilled that we had to tweet a Thank You to them. As soon as we posted ours, we saw the guys had posted their own thank you to us! We couldn't believe that they were nice enough to post about the gift on social media; it shows how much they appreciate their fans. As if it couldn't get any better, after they sang "Dirt" at the show, Tyler pulled out the fanbook and talked about it ON STAGE in front of 13,000 people. Video coming soon of this, but they expressed their appreciation of us putting the book together, and how excited they are to read the stories of how their music has touched so many people. It was an amazing moment for us to know that, wow, these guys are the real deal.

The concert was, of course a party! It was nice to hear "Anything Goes", "Sun Daze" and "Dirt" live for the first time. Of course, the other songs will never get old, but we can't wait for a headlining tour in 2015. Judging by the fan reaction, there's no way that they can't sell out a 13,000 person venue on their own. They have really become bigger than the music.

Melissa (left) and Amanda (right)


"We 'bout to get down, I say Winnipeg! We 'bout to throw down a little Fireball"


We just added professional pictures from the "Burn It Down Tour" in Winnipeg, last night. This is the show we attended, and you can even see BK wearing the "FlaGaLine.net - FGL's Party People" bracelet on stage that we gave him :)

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