FGL's newest release is called "Talk You Out of It". Check out the lyric video below and buy it wherever you get your music!

Girl I know you had a long day
You ain't feelin' them downtown lights
But I got a bottle at your favorite place
Just waitin' for us in a bucket on ice

Damn, I didn't think it'd be that easy
'Cause now you're gettin' ready
I'm just sittin' there watchin' TV
Here you come lookin' like a grown man's dream
Damn, I can't believe, I can't believe

I talked you into slippin' down the hall, baby, turnin' on
Your playlist you play when you're in the shower
Talked you into taking up our time, making up your mind
Switching back and forth for an hour
And now you're lookin' like a line from a Vandross song
I'm looking at that fine little dress you got on
Don't get me wrong, girl, I love it
Now I just wanna talk you out of it

Yeah, as cool at it would be
Watchin' people wonder who you are
Oh, we should just say we did, we can start with a kiss
And pretend we just got back from the bar


Yeah, it's a little cold outside
The music's probably way too loud
To hear you laugh
And there's a look in your eyes
Looks like we ain't leavin' now
Girl, I'm so glad, I'm so glad


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