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Wow here we go again, another new FGL jam!!!!! This time, BK and Tyler team up with Russell Dickerson on “It’s About Time”

“When we finished this song I knew there was only one feature to bring in. It’s the Florida Georgia Line energy that only they can bring,” said Dickerson. “And they 100% took this song to a whole new level!”

“We knew we had to be on this song the second RD reached out and we heard it,” Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard added. “Not only is he one of our best friends, but we’re huge fans of his music and him as a person. It was only a matter of time until we found the right song to do together and that time has come. Thanks RD!”


We’ve been waitin’ on the sun to go down
On this one horse, one stoplight, one neon town
And I can’t wait to get my boys around
Gonna call the girls up cause it’s ’bout to go down

We ready like truck stop ice
Two hands, Bud Light, half price
Y’all raise em up high cause

It’s about time for a drink
It’s about time for a cold one
It’s about time for a throwback
Play me a country gold one, yeah, yeah
I’ve been waitin’ on, waitin’ on a night like this
It’s about time for a drink
It’s about time for a drink
You know it is yeah

All my people got a tallboy can
Or a longneck bottle or double cup in their hand
Twistin’ the top off some Friday plans
Yeah we walk up in that party like, “who’s ready to dance?”

We rollin’ like Firestone tires
Hands up like a Baptist choir
Doin’ this daggum thing all night, yeah


We ready like truck stop ice
Two hands, Bud Light, half price
Gon’ raise em up high
Yeah, yeah, yeah

We rollin’ like Firestone tires
Hands up like a Baptist choir
Doin’ this daggum thing all night, that’s right


We ready like truck stop ice
Doin’ this daggum thing all night

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“BK, Corey, and I had a good time writing this one,” Hubbard said in a statement. “We felt like we were writing the modern-day version of ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’ meets Christmas Vacation. The only thing that would make this Country Christmas song any better is if we could shoot a video and feature ‘Cousin Eddie.'”

“Get your holidaze on, y’all,” Kelley added. “This is a new one for us. T and I always felt our first holiday song would come at just the right time – we’re excited for fans to have something FGL to cheers to the season with!”

Christmas came early! Enjoy FGL’s first ever holiday tune, “Lit This Year”


Them jingle bells are ringing
Whole family’s back in town
Mama’s holding down the kitchen
Daddy won’t stop bragging ’bout
How we cut us down a big one
Perfect size, 10 foot high
And we drug it through the front door
And wrapped it up with lights

That Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this year
There’s Old Camp in the eggnog and that fridge is full of cheers
Got some good ole Christmas spirit in this cup right here
That Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this year

Pawpaw’s in the pantry sneaking something from a flask
Yeah, Nanny’s nodding off again, and we can’t help but laugh
‘Cause cousin Eddie’s in from Denver brought some homegrown mistletoe
And if that’s any indication how this holidaze’ll go


Yeah, baby

I ain’t ever had a drink with Santa but if he shows up here tonight
Yeah, it’d better be his last stop, ’cause he won’t be good to drive


That Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this year, woo

Aw, yeah
Feels good, baby
Gotta love Christmas

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Surprise!!! Nelly and FGL released a brand new BANGER “Lil Bit”! What do you think?

Click Read More below for lyrics

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Raising a toast to all of the Friday nights that we wish would last forever, Florida Georgia Line reminisce on the country-style good times in their brand-new single, “Long Live” (BMLG Records), available now at all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

Acknowledging everyday moments that too often fly by, “Long Live” mixes laid-back gratitude with seize-the-moment energy, plus the smooth burn of an Old Camp nightcap. “Long live this way of life, long live nights like these,” salutes the arm-in-arm chorus. FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley co-wrote the open-hearted tribute to moonlit hangs fueled with good intentions and good friends alongside Corey Crowder, David Garcia, and Josh Miller.

“This one is for the nights you never want to end. It’s a celebration of all the good times with great friends and cold drinks. We had a lot of fun reminiscing when writing, and hope it takes our fans back too! Kick back with your loved ones, turn it up, and relive some of your glory days while making new memories. Long live!”

What do you think of the new single? Be sure to purchase wherever you buy your digital music!


Yeah, it’s a Friday night, we circled up
It’s going down ’round these pickup trucks
Yeah, it’s cold cans and Dixie cups
Just out here doing what we’ve always done

Long live all the small towners
Sun up to sundowners
That old school Haggard and Hank
Long live longneck bottles
And wide-open throttles
And old dirt roads with no name
Long live them country girls, long legs in cut up jeans
Long live this way of life, long live nights like these
Long live, long live, long live, long live nights like these

Long live the Walmart parking lot
Turning to the midnight party spot
Long live hard work, when it pays off
And living it up on your days off


Long live them glory days, on them back forty days
All them pass it ’round, pass it down story days


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FGL are featured on Chris Tomlin’s new country/gospel album. Along with the previously released “Thank You Lord”, we now have “Sing” and “Forever Home”.

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FGL and Thomas Rhett teamed up with friend and Christian artist Chris Tomlin for “Thank You Lord”. It’s an upbeat track, expressing their appreciation for the blessings they have in life. Listen here and be sure to purchase wherever you buy your music!

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Florida Georgia Line’s new “6-Pack EP”, featuring 6 brand new songs off their upcoming 5th album (release date TBA) is NOW AVAILABLE to stream and purchase from your favorite music provider. The release includes the single “I Love My Country” and “Second Guessing” from NBC’s Songland.

Which song is your favorite?





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