Amanda (left) and Melissa (right) with Florida Georgia Line, July 29, 2017

Name: Amanda
DOB: August 23, 1988
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Favorite Artists: FGL, Luke Bryan, Dallas Smith, Jason Aldean, & Keith Urban
Favorite FGL Song:
Anything Goes & Summerland

About me…..I call Winnipeg home, and I am the middle child, stuck between an older and younger brother. I grew up playing sports and in my free time I liked to draw and listen to country music. I was like any other teen girl who was obsessed with pop icons like BSB, N’SYNC, and Britney Spears, but I had just as much love for country and oldies. My parents saw to that. I grew up listening to The Rankin Family, Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, CCR, and the Beatles just to name a few.

I first heard FGL’s “Cruise” on my local country radio station back in the summer of 2012. I definitely thought it was the catchiest song on the radio at the time. When they started playing it more and more, I fell in love with it and had to have more of Florida Georgia Line. I searched the web for more songs and my passion just grew from there. I didn’t have any friends that enjoyed country at the time, so I kept them to myself. A year later, after the “Cruise” Remix came out, I remember driving with Melissa and the remix came on the radio and she said she liked it. Since that moment I made it my mission to convert her over – and clearly I succeeded!

FGL has a song for every mood and every time of year – not just summer. Every time they release an album, I listen to it on replay until I’ve memorized every last word. I’m still not sick of Here’s to the Good Times yet! Since meeting the guys for the first time in 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them at festivals, in the U.S., & in my hometown on numerous occasions. Each meeting & show just gets better & I love that they remain humble through their success and still take the time to acknowledge their fans every step of the way. As each album comes out I see a new side of FGL & I can’t wait to see what their future holds. I’ll be there every step of the way!


Name: Melissa
DOB: October 30, 1988
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Favorite Artists: FGL, Dallas Smith, Sam Hunt, Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Luke Bryan
Favorite FGL Song: It’z Just What We Do, Good Girl Bad Boy, Anything Goes – but it’s too hard to decide!

I have always been a pop music girl. For as long as I can remember, I have always been turned off by the thought of listening to country music, it never interested me. My first taste of the new age country style was listening to Taylor Swift and her pop flare to the songs. It wasn’t enough to hook me to only country music, but definitely opened up my ears to what else is out there.

It wasn’t until spring 2013 when “Cruise” remix came out on Top 40 radio. I knew there was something special about this band. Their country voices and the pop rock sound of the song made me take notice. A few months later, driving around with Amanda, I heard “Round Here” and original “Cruise” and I had to immediately look up who these guys were and Youtube all the songs that I could. The CD was amazing and was my first purchase of country music. Since then my love for Florida Georiga Line has only grown, and once Amanda and I drove the 6 hours to Regina, SK for the “Here’s To The Good Times” Tour and had a front row pit spot, I knew I had an obsession (a healthy one, of course).  There is no way I can get sick of FGL’s songs, they are that good. With each subsequent album, Brian and Tyler really prove that they can do anything. They are absolute powerhouses and trend setters in country music and the fact that their sound can evolve from album to album screams longevity. They know that the music scene changes, and they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. That’s why I love them so much. And not to mention that they are the NICEST GUYS out there. Seriously. To be recognized by them (and their crew) at meet and greets and social media means the world. They do actually care and pay attention. I can’t wait to see how their success grows, and what is in store for albums to come!

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“Life Rolls On”
5th studio album
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“Sunshine State of Mind”
Solo debut from Brian Kelly
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Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard
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“Lit This Year”
Holiday 2020 single
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“Long Live”
2nd single from “Life Rolls On”
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Old Camp Whiskey
Created by Brian and Tyler, Old Camp is a smooth and easy drinking whiskey.

FGL House
Now open, 120 3rd Ave South, Nashville, TN 37201
Four-level restaurant and entertainment venue in Downtown Nashville.

Official FGL Fan Club
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Tribe Kelley
TK is a USA made clothing brand founded and operated by Brittney and Brian Kelley. The brand is a collection of transitional fashion pieces that are intended to keep you feeling comfortable and stylin’ from the plane to the party.

Round Here Records
Founded in 2019 by Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, Round Here Records will nurture and develop artists they believe in. The flagship artist is Canaan Smith.

Tree Vibez Music
Founded in 2015 by Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, TVM was created to inspire, mentor, and create opportunities for artists & songwriters.

“Meant To Be”: Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line
Now Available

“Up Down”: Morgan Wallen feat. Florida Georgia Line
Now Available

“Let Me Go”: Hailee Steinfeld feat. Florida Georgia Line, Alesso and Watt
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“The Acoustic Sessions”
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4th album: “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”
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3rd album: “Dig Your Roots”
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2nd album: “Anything Goes”
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1st album: “Here’s to the Good Times… This is How We Roll”
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